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Janet Lim is a hands-on mom who’s always on the lookout for developmental programs for her teenage son.  Through her dedication and perseverance in obtaining the best opportunities available, her son has excelled academically and was consistently one of the top 50 swimmers in Canada in his age category prior to getting accepted at Crescent School.  


She previously worked as a travel counselor while expanding her family’s real estate business in Toronto.  Now, a licensed Pre-Planner, she finds meaning in helping families that are going through bereavement.  She’s very passionate about enriching people’s lives that she volunteers her time at her son's school and even tutors kids on the side.  An optimistic person who’s full of ideas.  She’s finally able to share one of them with us today.  


She is the “brain” of Bata to Batapreneur.

Founder / Chief Executive Officer



Pearl is a real Pearl of the Orient. She is a gem with refined qualities that attracts the crowed.  If a photographer has an eye for beauty, Pearl also has an eye for numbers. 


Migrating from the Philippines, she continued her passion in Accounting at Northwood American College and earned her diploma in Accounting and Finance. Learning the value of money is an essential part in a child's development.  She believes that financial literacy integrated in a developing child will help prepare him or her to adult life.

She is currently working with Panelized Building Solutions Inc. as an Accounting Administrator.  With the roles she is handling, she has mastered her craft in multi-tasking.  Her years of professional experience made her competitive in the industry. 


She is efficient, effective and dedicated to tasks she is assigned to.

Pearl is a fun loving person and a foodie. She likes to encourage people, loves to travel and is venturing to skiing.


"Patience is a key element to success." - Bill Gates

Chief Financial Officer



Noreen Ocampo knows what is required to be an entrepreneur.  She has been one herself for the past 13 years as a Registered Dental Hygienist.  Some of the skills needed to run her own business, such as balancing costs against income and developing her client base, she picked up during her seven years working as a dental assistant.

A mother of two wonderful children ages 9 and 11, she hopes to share those important life skills with them, with the help of her husband.  The two of them are very hands-on in every aspects of their kids' lives.  They support and encourage their physical and intellectual activities.

Noreen also recently founded the Filipino-Canadian Dental Hygienist Society, a non-profit organization that caters to dental hygiene professionals in the Filipino community in Canada.  She considers herself to be a dedicated and compassionate person, traits she hopes will be a positive influence on her children.


"Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with greater love." - Mother Theresa

Chief Program Officer



Chief Information and Marketing Officer