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Our Story

b2Bpreneur is a not-for-profit organization co-founded by Janet Lim and Christine Santos, with the support of Steve Pagao, President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce-Toronto (PCCT).  Christine has since moved on to pursue other interests; a new team has been formed.


b2Bpreneur was established based on the belief that parents and the community have a shared accountability in raising financially and socially responsible children.  It promotes entrepreneurial thinking through workshops and events that allow children to develop a business sense, gain financial literacy, learn valuable life skills and appreciate the value of money.  It also teaches them social awareness and responsibility that should come hand in hand with entrepreneurship.

Our Aspiration

Build the next generation of empowered entrepreneurs with a heart by teaching:

  • Financial literacy

  • Social awareness

  • Social responsibility

  • Giving back

Our Purpose

b2Bpreneur partners with each of the GTA communities in offering entrepreneurship events and workshops that foster financial and social responsibility among children so they will be empowered to shape their future and make a positive change in the community.

Collaborative Work

b2Bpreneur believes that entrepreneurship is a critical skill that must be nurtured at a young age in order for children to thrive in the real world.  With the scarcity of entrepreneurship programs for young children, b2Bpreneur bridges the gap by providing events and workshops that will build financial literacy and social awareness among children ages 8-18 years.

In collaboration with community mobilizers, corporations, local businesses and organizations, b2Bpreneur will be able to transform the future of our children…one community at a time.